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Mt. Waialeale Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours to the inaccessible crater of Mt. Waialeale.

This ancient volcanic crater is one of the wettest spots on earth and a sacred site in Hawaiian culture.

Mount Waialeale literally means "rippling water" or "overflowing water" in Hawaiian. This massive mountain at the center of Kauai stands 5,148 feet tall and is remnants of a shield volcano. Averaging more than 426 inches (10,800 mm) of rain a year since 1912, with a record 683 inches (17,300 mm) in 1982, its summit is considered one of the rainiest spots on earth.

The summit crater is extremely remote and few have hiked there. Safari Helicopters has been taking passengers in the heart of this mysterious extinct volcano for many years.

As your helicopter pilot approaches Waialeale you will see deeply etched waterfalls lining the crater walls. If the weather permits, Safari Helicopter Tours will take you into this crater.