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Kauai Refuge Eco Tour

Departs from Lihue, Kauai

 ~ 90 minutes      Na Pali, Waimea Canyon, Waialeale, Preserve Landing

Land at a secluded botanical preserve! The flight portion is the same as the Deluxe Waterfall Safari with the addition of an approximate 40-minute stop over at the Kauai Wildlife Refuge overlooking Olokele Canyon.

"I selected Safari Helicopters primarily based on their safety record and also for their ECO-Tour package that allows them to land on Waimea Canyon..."
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$289 per person
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1 Hawaii Air Tour Permit, Federal National Park Air Access, Fuel and Landing Fees

Flight Details

The flight portion of this tour is identical to the Deluxe Waterfall Safari and includes landing at a Kauai Wildlife Refuge.

Helicopter landing overlooking Waimea Canyon

Landing at Robinson Refuge / Safari Helicopters

The Kauai Wildlife Refuge is located within the Robinson Ranch on property exclusively owned by environmentalist Keith Robinson who is dedicated to the preservation of native Hawaiian plants endemic to the Islands. This site over looks the Olokele Canyon and is totally inaccessible to the public otherwise.

Hiking Robinson Refuge

Small Hike on Refuge / Safari Helciopters

You will be able to view the vastness of this particular canyon and the wonders of possible rainbows and waterfalls in the distance. The canyon is sometimes called the East Fork of the Waimea Canyon and extends from Waimea to the back west side of Mt. Waialeale Crater. There are no public roads or overlooks by land to view this spectacular site. A number of films were produced at this location including a scene from the movie Jurassic Park.

Robinson History

Learning About Robinson Hawaii History / Safari Helciopters

The pilot will discuss the Robinson Family history (who have preserved the native Hawaiians' way of life on Niihau the "Forbidden Island") and the plans to develop the property into a wildlife preserve for native Hawaiian plants endemic to the Islands. If you are lucky, Mr. Keith Robinson may be on site to discuss his botanical plans.

Waimea Canyon Viewing

Enjoy Canyon Views / Safari Helciopters

Note: Safari is the only legally authorized company to provide a remote landing eco-tour on the island of Kauai. Any other company that does remote landing on a regular basis is doing so illegally.

Safety is our top priority. All tour sites are weather permitting and may vary according to existing conditions at the time of the tour with no guarantee that all sites will be seen.