60 Minutes
 Napali, Waimea, Waialeale


 90 Minutes
 Napali, Waimea, Waialeale, Preserve Landing


Waimea Canyon is a remote wilderness area on the West side of Kauai that Mark Twain aptly titled “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

Waimea translated means “water that is red, sacred.” This 10-mile long canyon with 3,000 foot side-walls is the result of erosion over millions of years. Flying over Waimea you’ll see steep, red cliffs and ridge lines, waterfalls, deep valleys, sub-tropical rainforests, and red colored water of the Waimea river flowing to the sea.

Here at Waimea misty waterfalls falls cascade off the high plateaus of the Alakai swamp and down multicolored cliffs. Iron-rich soil gives Waimea it’s characteristic red hue.

From the vantage point of a Safari Helicopters tour, the characteristic red hues of the canyon stand in sharp relief, and the geological history of this region is fully revealed. Your helicopter pilot will also point out the many waterfalls and streams that have eroded and carved out this deep-river gorge.

Waimea Canyon stands out as a huge geological feature on the relatively small island of Kauai, and a Safari Helicopter tour takes you into the heart of this natural wonder.