"Flight over volcano: awesome! In just 1 word: GREAT! "
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Volcano Safari

Departs from Hilo, Big Island

 40-45 minutes      Volcanic Activity

Visit the world's most active volcano! This flight departs from Hilo (with views of 13 thousand foot Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea when weather permits) and flies directly to the most active volcanic areas on the Big Island (the National Park restricts all aerial tours over Kilauea Crater). Many of these features are remote and only accessible by air.

"Excellent tour of the volcano. The pilot was knowledgeable about the history and geology of the area and provided interesting commentary... Breathtaking! Highly recommended!"
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$189 per person
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1 Hawaii Air Tour Permit, Federal National Park Air Access, Fuel and Landing Fees

Flight Details

Depart from Hilo airport helipad and fly to current volcanic activity where you can literally watch the shaping of the earth as the Big Island (the youngest in the Hawaiian island chain) grows before your very eyes.

"Ocean Cliffs" by Safari

The volcanos create mystical wonders and rare sights. Experience craters, lava lakes, glowing skylights

"Crater" by Safari

If you are lucky, you will even see the ever alluring lava entering the ocean from the best seats in the sky.

"Vog Plume" by Kenneth Lu / CC 2.0

Next you will see Lava Tree Forests. Islands of trees that have been surrounded by lava.

"Lava and Trees" by Kenneth Lu / CC 2.0

Mother Nature can be both beautiful and devastating. Glimpse a view of a prime example as you fly over neighborhoods reclaimed by lava flows.

"Neighborhoods Reclaimed" by Safari

Safety is our top priority. All tour sites are weather permitting and may vary according to existing conditions at the time of the tour with no guarantee that all sites will be seen.