Safari's Helicopters

From our aircraft to numerous industry innovations, Safari has always been at the leading edge of Hawaii Aviation. Safari's "super" ASTAR 350 B2-7 features a left side pilot seat, more passenger leg room, and higher visibility with large side "mega windows" (on Kauai) and "picture windows" (on the Big Island). The exclusive "Safari Skylight" window (Kauai only) provides front and back-seat passengers a tremendous vertical overhead view for gawking at those amazing waterfalls.

Helicopter Innovations and Safari "Firsts"

"The cornerstone of Safari Aviation Inc. has always been innovation." – Preston

  • First in Hawaii to fly the extremely powerful and technically advanced A-STAR 350 B2-7 helicopter, one of the most luxurious and expensive helicopters touring Hawaii's beautiful locations.
  • "Safari Skylights" and "Mega Windows" (Kauai only) ensure there are no physical obstructions that block the passenger's panoramic view of all those amazing waterfalls.
  • Custom left side pilot seat configuration that provides superior unobstructed viewing for passengers when flying counter clockwise.
  • First to implement an onboard two-way communication system utilizing the Generation Bose X noise canceling headsets.
  • First helicopter operator in the State of Hawaii to offer its passengers tours in air-conditioned comfort.

Onboard Video System

  • Four Cameras Record Your Trip From All Angles.
  • In 1990, Safari led the industry when they designed and gained FAA approval for the first on-board multiple-camera video system to record the passengers' actual flights.
  • Advanced Video System records your waterfalls, your rainbows, your canyons, your Pali, and your tropical rainforests, providing a true souvenir video where you can re-visit your adventure in paradise. This is not a pre-recorded commercial 15-minute video as others misleadingly advertise—it is of your actual tour!